Active Harmonic Filter

Active Harmonic Filter | Read this case study of the advantages and disadvantages of the active harmonic filter and how passive filter installation removes harmonics, voltage surges and improves PF. Besides, the active harmonic filter needs the support of a stable external power source for injecting phase opposite current harmonics to downstream loads. Its efficacy depends upon the stability of the connected external power source.

AHF design needs passive components like a capacitor and a resistor, but it can either do harmonic control or power factor correction to its 100% rating. In the case of both PF improvement and harmonic reduction, its capacity needs a derating to 50%. The active harmonic filter is a load in an electrical power system that generates anti harmonics at 180degree phase opposite. AHF has energy losses. Most OEM pdf catalogues declare the kWh losses at 3% under laboratory measurement.

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