The 5 must-have items in your pantry

Hello! We interviewed a group of mums from Cambodia, China, Vietnam and Thailand (all excellent
cooks, by the way) about the items they absolutely cannot live without in their pantry and here is what they
told us about their favourite asian groceries.
1. Five Spice Powder
Surprisingly, this is the most recommended item by our mums! With its signature sweet, aromatic flavour, this
powder can add that special touch to veggies and different types of meat (seafood, chicken, duck, pork and
lamb). Personally, our favourite use of Five Spice Powder is in meat balls!

2. Cornstarch
Cornstarch – that secret ingredient used to thicken the sauces in stir-fries or soups. Just mix it with water in
the ratio of 1:1. Other uses of corn starch can be for marinating meats and enhancing the crispy texture when

  1. Fish sauce
    A good alternative to soy sauce, fish sauce can be used to enhance and add saltiness to almost any kind of
    food. From fried rice and noodles to curries and stir fries, fish sauce makes dishes more flavourful with a
    unique seafood taste.

4. Dried red chilli
We all love that kick of spiciness in our food! Dried red chilli is an easy and delicious way to add it to your
meals. You name it: stir-fries, soups, hot pots, curry pastes, dipping sauce – a bit of chilli makes everything
taste good.

5. Soy sauce. 
Did you know that you need two kinds of soy sauce in your kitchen? Light soy sauce is more suitable as
dipping sauce, while dark soy sauce gives the dishes more consistent colour and favour. Our top pick dark soy
sauce is Kikkoman Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce and for light soy sauce we like Healthy Boy Thin Soy Sauce.

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