Coleman Theater


The Coleman Theater located in Miami, Oklahoma was once a popular performing arts and theater center. It opened in 1929 and was designed in the Spanish Revival style. Tourists from all over come to see it. The inside is very ornate and beautiful. Growing up I was never that impressed by its presence in my hometown. Looking back now I can appreciate its architecture and significance in my life. For me it is neat to have it located in my small town. Presently, not a lot of large scale events go on there. Even though it is just mostly a historical landmark now it symbolizes community for me. My small town takes great care of keeping it in great condition and I can remember back to many events that my elementary school went to there. I have watched many concerts and plays my friends have performed in and my high school prom was hosted there too. It is a unique building that has a place in my life.

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  1. This place is truly a landmark for the community. I have participated in many concerts that were performed here. The view from the stage is the best because you can appreciate the details that have gone into building it. The crystal chandelier and velvet curtains for box seats make it a true work of art. Super cool to have something from my hometown blogged about! Thanks!

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