Architecture for Non Majors Blog


Qasar Al Sarab

Another influential building from my trip to the UAE is the one pictured above. Located in the middle of the largest sandy desert in the world, the Rub Al Khali, sits a resort in...


Kirk in the Hills

I am a big fan of Gothic style Architecture so I had the pleasure of visiting this beautiful church in Bloomfield Hills, MI, . The Kirk in the Hills was based off of a 13th...


The Broken Arrow Museum

This is a museum on main street in my hometown of Broken Arrow, OK. It was built in 2008 near the original Katy Train Depot, which was the center of the town in the...


Burj Khalifa

Like Professor Boeck, I am also amazed at the magnificence of the Burj Khalifa. I visited the largest mall in the world (directly behind me taking this picture), but it’s vast size is nothing...


The Wedding Cake

The place a man proposes to his future wife, takes lots of thought and can cause a bunch of stress. My husband and I were in Rome over three years ago, when he had...


BOK Center

I’m from Tulsa, so it only seems right to do my first post about a building that’s located in my hometown.  The BOK Center is the huge event center located in the heart of...


Nicholas Hammons

Architecture 3013 I have always been fascinated by the Roman Colosseum and how the Romans were able to build such a well thought out massive structure, with what little technology and equipment they had....


Hello world!

Here I am looking up the Burj Kahlifa. This is a big deal!  A blog on the OU system that will tell my story !  Can’t wait to keep going.  It will be like...

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