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Boston Avenue United Methodist Church

Tulsa is the home to many interesting architectural designs.  Another one of my favorite ones from my hometown is the First United Methodist Church.  This church is located in the heart of downtown Tulsa....


Parumala Church

The Parumala Church was designed by architect Charles Correa, and is located in India. The church is circular in design and is divided into three segments based off Coptic  and Syrian traditions. The church...


Faculty of Law, University of Sydney

This building is located in Sydney Australia. . Within this building is the library and teaching spaces accessed from the terraces and lit from above. Suspended above the podium are a series of superstructures that...


Bayside Police Station

The Bayside Police Station is located in Sandringham Australia. This building has a great design. The work spaces, meeting rooms, and gymnasium within the station are gathered around a central top-lit atrium, lined with timber. The...


Sugars Dock, Jacksons Landing

This building is located in Sydney Australia and is designed my Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp. This buildings design is quite amazing and is actually quite a large hotel with the room design being quite modern-like.


Tyree Energy Technologies Building

This building is located in Australia on the campus of the university of New South Wales-Kensington. This building has quite a interesting design. Both the inside and outside have quite grand design and shows how the architect really...


Toi o Tamaki Art Gallery/ FJMT+Archimedia

Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki is the principal public gallery in Auckland, New Zealand, and has the most extensive collection of national and international art in New Zealand. It frequently hosts travelling international...

Wuhan Greenland Center – Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill 0

Wuhan Greenland Center – Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill

Wuhan Greenland Center is located in Wuhan, China. This building will be 119 stories high and become China’s third largest building. This building has a unique curved design that will be made possible by the...

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