Author: Hieu Tran


Paul Andreu: La Grande Arche de Defense

Architect Johann Otto von Spreckelsen was actually the first one to draw up the plans for it with the help of engineer Erik Reitzel. Construction began in 1985, but Spreckelsen decided to retire in...


OU’s Physical Science Center

The Physical Science Center is probably one of the ugliest buildings on campus in my opinion. However, “The Blender” wasn’t built in 1971 for its beauty. The actual purpose of this building was to...


ConocoPhillips Leadership Wing

I couldn’t find a picture of the ConocoPhillips Leadership Wing, but it’s part of the union here at OU. If you walk outside of the Union’s lobby, you’ll be in the courtyard. If you...


Jim Thorpe Multicultural Center

The Jim Thorpe Multicultural Center is where most organizations hold their events. I think the most recent event held there that everyone should have known about would be College Bowl. I go here at...

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