Author: Hayley Maun


Ames Monument- HH Richardson

This monument is a large pyramid in Albany, Wyoming that marked the highest point of the transcontinental railroad. Richardson designed and dedicated the building to Oakes and Oliver Ames who were the Union Pacific...


Trinity Church- HH Richardson

This church was designed by HH Richardson and was constructed from 1872-1877. This design established Richardson’s reputation and was the birthplace of the Richardsonian Romanesque style of architecture. This style consists of clay roofs,...


9/11 Memorial NYC

This is an image of the 9/11 Memorial in New York City. This park area was one of the coolest things I saw while I was in NYC this past summer. The serenity of...


Perot Museum- Dallas, Texas

This image is of the Perot Museum in Dallas, Texas. It is a relatively new Nature and Science museum located in the heart of downtown Dallas. The escalator, seen in the picture, was one...


Bizzell Library- OU

As I know many of us do, I spend a lot of time in the Bizzell Memorial Library. The outside of it is so detailed, I remember it being something that stood out to...

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