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Gustav Stickley’s Craftsman Farms

Gustav Stickley is known for his decorative art, home building, and furniture styles. All can been seen throughout the buildings and structures on Craftsman Farms. He originally designed the main house as a “club...


Gustav Stickley House

On the property Gustav purchased he built several buildings, and one was a large home on a more steep part of the land. Today you will see the home walking up the original farm...


Gustav Stickley Hexagonal Table

The table is designed to go along with Gustav’s Morris chair. Both are living room pieces designed right around 1901. The table is obviously six sided, that alone makes it stand out from most...


Gustav Stickley Club House

After Gustav purchased the plot of land in N.J he built a school and four cottages with a club house in the middle to serve as a social gathering place for the school. All...


Gustav Stickley Morris Chair

Gustav’s famous Morris chair was made to be durable and simple. It was designed to exemplify the fundamental values that Gustav and the Craftsman Farms Foundation aimed to uphold. The chair is that of...


Mama Rojas OKC

This restaurant is a place my family has been going to for my mothers birthday for the past several years. It is a great Mexican restaurant that looks out over Lake Hefner. Provides a...


Warren Theater

Most of you have probably been to the Warren more than once. It is an amazing theater from the tall neon green pillars that great you before walking in the doors, the size of the...


AELP fitness center OKC

This very modern fitness center that opened in October, 2015 it is located on Classen Boulevard in OKC. It was previously unused basement structure in northern OKC. It has a very contemporary look with...


WinStar World Casino

WinStar is the largest casino in the united states based on area of gambling space, It is located in southern Oklahoma right off I-35. Its gaming floor is 519,000 square feet. The exterior of...

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