Author: Alyssa Jackson


Cesar Pelli Grand Central

Cesar Pelli brought an amazing piece of architecture to San Francisco. One thing I really love about this transit center is its rooftop park. I’m sure when people live in large cities like this...


Buerger center Cesar Pelli

Here is another fun building by Cesar Pelli. This is one of his newer pieces that was opened in 2015 and is for advanced pediatric care. I love that he designed this fun looking...


Bok center

I’m not from Oklahoma, but I saw that my architect had a building in Tulsa and felt I should post about it. This arena has a swirling shape and stands out in Tulsa. I...



I really like our Bizzell library. I like that the outside has an old look and fits in with what I would expect a university library to look like. I also like that inside...


Tin hall

Tin hall has been hosting events for 123 years. It was a place that my parents share memories of going to as a dance hall on a saturday night, and a place that I...



The NRG stadium opened in 2002 and the turned the older stadium into a nightclub that can be used during rodeo season. This stadium has hosted Super Bowl in the past and will host...


Cesar Pelli Petronas Towers

Cesar Pelli has a set of towers called the Petronas Towers, that I really like. These are among the tallest towers in the world and have a bridge between the two buildings. The towers...


Cesar Pelli 1

I have enjoyed looking through my architects work. So far his buildings are very interesting and different from the “normal”. This one stood out to me because of its colors. I also love this...


Neuschwanstein castle

I always enjoyed the Disney movie Cinderella when I was a child. While living in Europe I found out there was a castle near me that Disney used to design Cinderella’s castle at disney...

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