Monthly Archive: February 2016


Neuschwanstein castle

I always enjoyed the Disney movie Cinderella when I was a child. While living in Europe I found out there was a castle near me that Disney used to design Cinderella’s castle at disney...


St. Vitus Cathedral

This is St. Vitus cathedral which is located in Prague. Some of my family have Czech roots and I’m very happy I had the opportunity to travel to Prague. We climbed lots of steps...


Devon Energy Center

Oklahoma City’s Devon tower, pictured above has influenced the Oklahoma City area and myself in a positive way. This building was completed in 2012 after 3 years of construction. It is a 50 story...


Grand Zayed Mosque

Pictured above, the Grand Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabia, UAE, is a building that has positively influenced me. The top picture is one that I took myself, because I was so awestruck by the...


Fox Plaza, Los Angeles, CA

This is the Fox Plaza in Century City, Los Angeles, CA. Many people recognize it for its fictional name Nakatomi Plaza as the setting in 1988 film Die Hard staring Bruce Willis and the...


Moore Warren Theatre

  This is the Moore Warren Theatre built in 2008. I am from Moore and have witnessed this particular building go through many stages. For starters, everyone in Moore was extremely excited that we were...


Duomo (Florence Cathedral)

The Duomo is a cathedral in Florence, Italy that I have had the opportunity to get to see twice in my life. This building has influenced me in a positive way because I had...

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