Tower of the Americas – O’Neil Ford


The Tower of the Americas was designed in the late 1960s by O’Neil Ford. It was built in San Antonio for the World’s Fair of 1968, or HemisFair ’68. The tower is has an observation deck as well as a restaurant inside. The tower was built to be 750 feet tall, the tallest observation tower in the United States until 1996 when Las Vegas completed its Las Vegas Stratosphere Tower. However, it is the tallest building in San Antonio to date. There are three evaluators inside of the tower that go up to the top to the observation deck. The deck is also able to rotate. At night, it lights up, making the tower look mystical and mysterious. It is very unique in its design. It almost looks as if the deck could shoot down at any point, as if it were a theme park ride. The tower resembles a torch in its modern design, and in its previous designs, it resembles even more so. Ford created a beautiful piece of architecture that people today still enjoy and marvel at.


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