Three Barrel Brewing Company

3 Barrel Exterioro

Three Barrel Brewing Company is a local microbrewery in Del Norte, CO. They have recently moved from a small, dark, rented space into an industrial style permanent location. Although still rather small, the space does not feel cramped. The concrete floor and raw metal runs a stunning contrast with the visual of an open flame pizza oven.

My first visit to Three Barrel was over spring break of this year. The environment was full of casual drinkers and boisterous conversation, which slightly echoed on the surrounding hard surfaces.The laid back design was well suited to the atmosphere. The corrugated metal stood out among the old fashioned local architecture, catching our eyes as we drove down the road. Within the building there was a wall made of windows allowing you to see into the microbrewery itself.

The entire design reflected a sense of transparency  between workers and diners, with no preparations made out of sight of the customer. This fit right in with the welcoming, small town atmosphere and made my friends and I feel right at home.


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