The Guaranty Building

The Guaranty Building

This is the Guaranty Building designed by Louis Sullivan and Dankmar Adler. It is located in Buffalo, New York and was opened in 1896. It is 13 stories high which was great for it’s time. Today is it still standing, but has been known as a National Historic Landmark since 1975.

Sullivan is know as the “Father of the Skyscraper” and this is just another wonderful example of his special architectural designs. The Guaranty Building very closely resembles another skyscraper he deigned called the Wainwright.

The Guaranty is a steel skyscraper with bold, intricate architectural design from the ground to the top.  Sullivan was known for catching eyes by creating tall vertical piers that stick out from the building. These piers are covered in detailed ornamentation which was inspired by flowers, seedpods, and branches from trees at  the very top.

The beautiful ornamentation was what first stood out to me on this building. My favorite part though has to be the arched doorway for the main entrance. Great building!


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