Steven Holl-Stretto House

The Stretto House is located in Texas and is a private residence for art collectors. It is 7,500 sq ft. It is next to three ponds with existing dams. The house projects character of the site through a series of concrete spatial dams with metal framed aqueous space flowing through them. The building consists of four sections and two modes: heavy orthogonal masonry and light, curvilinear metal. The main house is aqueous space: floor planes pull one space to the next, roof planes pull space over walls and an arched wall pulls light from a skylight. Materials continue the concept in poured concrete, cast glass in fluid shapes, slumped glass and liquid terrazzo. This building is very interesting because it is created to look a lot like the dams around the building. It is also huge! I really like how there are a lot of windows to let in natural light. That seems to be a pretty common theme in all of Steven Holl’s buildings. ( house 3Stretto house 2Stretto house

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