St. John’s Villa

Long time ago, my family and I visited St. John’s. When I went you had to take fairy to get to the island. Once you got to the resort there was a hotel and behind it were these villas on the hill. The villa on the outside had a pink tone to it and had some white that outlined the house. Inside it was a two story building along with a balcony that overlooked the whole island. It really was breathtaking. The villa had just the right amount of space. The kitchen might have been small, but it was decent enough for my family and I to live in it for a week. The villa had a spiral staircase leading to the second story where the master bedroom was. This building positively influenced me because I really liked how it overlooked the island and was just the right amount of space we needed to live in. I didn’t have any pictures stored, but the villa I found online is not exact, but similar to the one my family and I stayed in. The-Westin-St-John-Resort--Villas-St-John-Beachatdusk Unknown-2 View-4-1-300x200

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