Sarkeys Energy Center


We all have had at least one class located at Sarkeys.  Sarkeys Energy Center is the super tall building located on the north east corner of campus.  Sarkeys is the tallest building on campus and the majority of earth science classes are located there.  Classrooms, labs, and even a small coffee shop can all be found inside the 15 story building.  Along the walls of the interior are  artifacts on display.  Rocks, maps, and pictures of excavation sites are just some of the many things you can learn about.  If you were cramming for an exam and needed a break you probably have read the text on display a few times.  Outside there is a courtyard with a few pretty plants.  This is one of my favorite lesser known spots on campus.  During my freshman year of college, I remember waking up angry knowing that I had to walk to Sarkeys but now I consider Sarkeys one of my favorite study locations.  Sarkeys is also home to some of the best bathrooms you can find on campus and I highly recommend the downstairs men’s bathroom in the back.

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