Rick Joy – Desert Nomad House

A Rick Joy design, this house is quite unique in that it is not one cohesive structure. Rather, it is separated into 3, a living area, bedroom, and office. It isn’t a large house, but rather this property sets itself apart with its location and design. Set at the base of the Tucson Mountains, each separate part of this home offers a unique view of the surrounding landscape. Those property seekers looking for something a bit more eccentric, this might be the home for you. It is for sale for a whopping $975000.

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  1. Profile photo of Nhu Vu Nhu Vu says:

    It is rather strange to have a home be so separated a part from each other to the point of having to walk out of one structure to another. I agree that you definitely have to be quite eccentric to live in this type of design, although the scenery must be beautiful. With the price tag like that, there has to be some selling point to it other than just the property.

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