Rem Koolhaas – the Interlace

This is my favorite project of Koolhaas’s so far. Koolhaas’s firm collaborated with Buro Ole Scheeren to design a vertical village called the Interlace in Singapore and they managed to win World Building of the year in 2015 and you can see why. This project is stunning and Koolhaas’s influence shines through it clearly. The asymmetric placement of the different arts of the buildings challenge the conventional view of the apartment building that one might have, instead of the high rise block buildings or condos we see rectangular pods placed ‘randomly’ all over each other morphing into a body of art rather than simply a practical solution. Koolhaas really impresses me because the wow factor never really dies down, one sees the Seattle library, then the Chinese Television headquarters, then the Shenzen exchange towers and remains impressed. He is an architect I will definitely remember.

Singapore (Rem Koolhaas) Singapore Rem Koolhaas

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2 Responses

  1. That building is definitely interesting! The asymmetry is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Have you ever seen this structure? If so, were you as impressed with it as I am looking at the pictures?

  2. I feel like this place represents some kind of biomimicry just because of the hexagons.

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