Rem Koolhaas – Chinese Central Television Headquarters

The first thing I thought when I saw the Chinese Central Television Headquarters was “this building is beautiful. The word beautiful might actually do it injustice. I didn’t know what to expect when I typed “Rem Koolhaas buldings” into google and I was nowhere near disappointed as soon as I did. The sheer audacity of the project is breathtaking. Koolhaas took the idea of the conventional tower and quite literally bent and skewed it. I was just impressed. His use of glass and steel make the building so crisp and clean. I looked up the building at different angles and looking from the bottom to the top of the building is amazing and very deliberate. It makes you question the physics of it all because it looks like part of the building is simply just floating. I always joke that in the next life I would be an architect and I only hope I would have half as much creativity.

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