Philip Johnson’s Glass House

2. The Glass House can also be known as the Johnson House. It is located in New Canaan, Connecticut and was declared a U.S. National Historic Landmark in 1997. Philip Johnson began the schematic design of the house in 1945, finally breaking ground in 1948, then later completed in 1949. Johnson donated the Glass House in 1986 to the National Trust for Historic Preservation. It is still currently owned by the Trust for Historic Preservation, and open for tours from May 1st – November 30th. The differing price of tickets to enter the Glass House range from $25 and even reach up to $250 depending on which tour package you purchase. Different exhibitions are held at the Glass House as well, which can be included in a tour if you choose to pay for it. There is also a gallery and Brick House located on the site that people can visit. The Brick House is said to be the “guest house” for the Glass House which is amusing. This house was a very modern and forward thinking piece of architecture at the time and I feel as though that is why it has had such an impact. It does look interesting and I would not mind visiting the site, but I would most likely only pay for the most basic tour.



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  1. Profile photo of cameron cameron says:

    This house has such a simple but elegant way about it. i can bet there’s no sleeping past 7 at this house. Its interesting to say the least, and a true piece of art.

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