Peter Zumthor – Therme Vals

Therme Vals

Thereme Vals is a hotel and spa built over the only thermal springs in the Graubunden Canton in Switzerland. Swiss architect Peter Zumthor designed Therme Vals in 1996. The idea was to combine mountain, stone, and water together to create a cave like structure.

I believe this is one of Zumthor’s best works out of his collection. The Thereme Vals was built by layering local Valser Quartzite slabs. This type of stone became the main inspiration for the springs.

Inside the Therme Vals

I find the stone to bring a more luxurious feel to the building on the inside, and a mysterious outlook. The lighting used on the inside of the building really captures the quality of the stone, and the elegance.

Interior view of the thermal springs


Another interior view of Therme Vals

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