These apartments by Ricardo Bofill are located in Barcelona and seem to be one of his buildings that may be affordable to live in one day. One of the reasons this modern building was built was to house olympic athletes. It seems to be a just above average building with nothing overly special to it, it does have some shops located on the bottom floor. As far as a building by Bofill, I can’t say that I am impressed and it does not seem to fit his style well. ricardo_bofill_taller_arquitectura_villa_olimpica_barcelona_spain_14

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  1. Profile photo of connor marsh connor marsh says:

    In our group presentation I talked about how the London Olympic village eventually got turned into affordable apartments but still nothing to crazy. I think it is important not to let buildings that are strictly build for the olympics go to waste when the games are over. I see what you are saying it could ne

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