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Seems a little odd that a store like Old Navy would impact my life, right? They have great prices yes, but what’s life changing? Well, this was my first “real” job and still my current job. I remember three¬†years ago applying to every store I possibly could, and for some reason, Old Navy hired me. Understandably I was so nervous to start my first job – not including¬†babysitting – but it was an exciting new chapter in my life. I was so thrilled to be hired and to be able to make my own money. There was a lot of intimidation in beginning a job and getting to know co-workers and managers. Would they be nice and fair or would I regret working here immediately? However, I had nothing to worry about, as almost everyone there was so kind and fun. It makes the work bearable when customers make it agonizing. I’m not sure I would have stayed for so long if not for the people. That’s what really makes this building, the people would are in it.

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  1. Profile photo of Kayla Yates Kayla Yates says:

    Old navy is one of my favorite places to shop. I am glad you enjoy your job there. I have been to Old Navy in both shopping malls as well as free standing stores. I love the way they have changed their brand over the years. One of my favorite things about Old Navy is the bright decor that they use both inside and out of their businesses. The bight colors make the environment more inviting for the customer.

  2. Old Navy is a great place to find clothes for the right price! I actually know someone who works there, so you might know her (if its the one in Norman). I understand how your first real job is sentimental to you because I feel the same way about my first job. The structure of Old Navy definitely serves its purpose. The big bold letters are always inviting and bright lighting makes it easy to find what customers are looking for!

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