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I have always been fascinated by the Roman Colosseum and how the Romans were able to build such a well thought out massive structure, with what little technology and equipment they had. The colosseum was build with blocks of travertine stone extracted from the quarries of Albulae. The colosseum forms an oval 527 meters in circumference with diameters of 615 and 510 ft. The height of the four-storied wall is 157 ft, it was able to seat 45,000 and stand 5,000. As far as the architect that designed the colosseum, all I could find was Vespasian whom was the emperor of Rome at the time, and when he died his son Titus saw that it was finished. Later on Vespasian’s second son Domitian added the top tier of the Colosseum. If anyone knows more on who actually carried out the design please comment. Seeing this work of art in person was a great privilege, I love getting the opportunity to check out ancient works like these just to recognize the pride the builders and architects took in their work.





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  1. That is very interesting! I did not know that it was added to. I do not imagine it being such at artistic icon without that section added.

  2. Profile photo of Audie Hamon Audie Hamon says:

    Did you actually take that picture of it?! If so I want to know what kind of camera you have! I’ve always wanted to visit the Colosseum, so your post was really informative of what to expect if I were to ever go see it in person.

  3. Profile photo of Tyler Fisher Tyler Fisher says:

    It truly is iconic. I’m sure it was awe inspiring to see in person.

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