New Wave Architecture’s ‘Three Views/A House’


This is a home located in Tehran, Iran and the concept involves “three rotated cantilevered boxes”. The design is beautiful and it incorporates three different views into one home. I liked how the home was focused on the allure of a good view. The way the three boxes are angled covers a view of basically the whole horizon and the floor to ceiling windows give this view full appreciation. Like I’ve said previously, the world rewards the unorthodox and this takes the conventional design of a house and throws it right out the proverbial window. I have never seen myself in a home with more than one story, I like the idea of an open floor plan but seeing this has definitely changed my perspective. I like how intricate the idea is and how it was executed with such simplicity – it’s minimalistic and it appeals to me.

Three Tier House

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  1. I would definitely would love to live there especially if its by the ocean.

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