Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany


I have never been to this castle. I’ve never even been to Germany either. But for as long as I can remember I have dreamed of going there. I don’t know when it first began, or what triggered it, but I know this castle had a lot to do with it. This is the . It was built for King Ludwig II and it began construction in 1869 and did not finish until 1891. When I first saw a picture of this beautiful castle covered in snow, I feel in love. As I’ve said, I love castles and any chance I have of visiting one I will take. Germany is full of amazing castles, and I would love to visit them all, despite how unrealistic that may be. Germany came into my heart because of this castle I think, and as I learned more about the country, I fell more in love with it, minus the Nazi Germany history. I would love to see the beautiful German architecture in the cities and towns as well. This castle truly changed my whole mindset and caused me to dream of going to Germany one day. Possibly one day that dream will come true and I’ll be able to see the castle in person.

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