National Baseball Hall of Fame

Cooperstown, NY, is a village that has a lot of heritage and is surrounded by beautiful landscape. It is probably best known, however, for being home to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. As a young boy, I was a pilgrim of this place one summer. I had so much fun there, and the trip was so lovely, it seems silly to me, in retrospect, that it was all to visit this one building. 

The colonial architecture really helps you feel the atmosphere of our nation’s favorite pastime, and always gives me a feeling of nostalgia. The structure is representative of not only the rich history of the sport, but also of times gone by. What that building makes me think of is the ideal, endless summer of childhood that I wish I could go back and do all over. When I think of Cooperstown, the hall of fame, and baseball, memories come flooding back to me. Those bittersweet memories always make me smile.

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