Murchison Tower – O’Neil Ford

The T. Frank image Memorial Tower was designed by Ford in the 1960s. It was built on the campus of Trinity University and stands 166 feet tall. The tower is meant to be a point of orientation throughout the campus. The same brick used is used around the campus and was built using traditional Roman techniques. The contractor would first lay the bricks down in a line and then pour the concrete between them. This caused the tower to be much stronger than it would have been otherwise. The tower was meant to coincide with the Margarite B. Parker Chapel, which was finished in 1966. It is also lit at night, which must be a stunning sight. The tower is really unique, because of the slits on the sides that expose the inside. The brick is a beautiful red tone. It’s a really impressive tower, one that the campus should be proud of.

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  1. Wow, this is similar to our clock tower! Structures like this really serve as a centerpiece to almost all college campuses. You mentioned that it was built via Roman techniques. What does that consist of?

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