Max and Esther De Pree House

The Max and Esther De Pree House is located in Michigan was constructed in 1954 by architect Charles Eames. This house was constructed following a very modern structure. When looking at the house from the front you are first meet with two structures divided by a walkway that leads back to the house. The two structures out front are the garage and a study. By placing these structures up front it gives the house and occupants more privacy. The downstairs portion of the house was constructed for entertainment and family activities while the bedrooms and private bathrooms are located upstairs. Located off of the master bedroom is a private balcony that spans the length of the rear of the building. On the lower level with a view facing the rear of the property is a “Florida Room”. This glass structure was not originally placed onto the house during its construction but was added later. I like the privacy that this house has and the orientation of the large trees in proximity to the house. These features give it a private and secluded feel that welcome all people who enter it.  Max and Esther De Pree House

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