Lloyd Noble Center

The Lloyd Noble Center serves many purposes for the University of Oklahoma and the Norman community. I have encountered this building multiple times for different sporting events. I have been for many of the basketball games each year and to a few of the gymnastic meets this year! It always has an energetic vibe when I’ve been. I get excited to go there each and every time I decide to go. This multipurpose facility seats 11,562 people, and it is thrilling when it is maxed out.

The architects were Sorey, Hill & Sorey and finished the construction in 1975. Before the construction of Lloyd Noble, the sporting events were held in McCasland Field House. The field house is much smaller than Lloyd Noble. This venue has held many sporting events, concerts, banquets, conventions, meetings, and exhibitions. My favorite event to go to at Lloyd Noble is the men’s basketball games. This year has been fun to see Buddy Hield play in this venue, and the Sooners have had a great season. Having this building with enough seating for people to come watch has been great.



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  1. Profile photo of Dustin Oney Dustin Oney says:

    I absolutely love Lloyd Noble. I have not been to many stadiums, but I love the interior and how they designed the outside walls. I have been here multiple times for career fairs. It was designed very well in my opinion.

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