Linda Wiginton Swimming Complex


One day while my sister was at swimming practice she had a horrible accident.  Her heart stopped in the middle of practice and she sank to the deep end of the pool.  Ms. Wiginton, our high school swimming coach, dove into the pool and pulled her out of the water.  After unsuccessful CPR, my sister was flown to the OU Medical hospital for potential surgery.  On the way they had to jump start her heart 9 times before she finally was stabilized.  The doctors ran tests on my entire family and we were diagnosed with Long QT.  Long QT is a rare heart condition and my sister and I were the first siblings diagnosed with our subtype in the state of Oklahoma.  The actual swimming facility is pretty boring.  The building doubled as the high school and city pool so it was always crowded.  I spent countless summers using the slides outside.  The only thing I remember about the building is that it was beige and ugly.  I have great memories of hanging out at the pool but every time I go there I think about my sister’s accident. In 2016, the city of Altus officially renamed the facility after Linda Wiginton, after 30+ years of coaching, multiple state championships, and one saved life.

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