Lake | Flato: Projectos pt. 5


Lake | Flato is even international! Though they are based out of San Antonio, Texas, they reach outside their boarders to help build amazing things for our neighbors over seas.  Some of these buildings include museums, visitor centers, higher education facilities and wineries. All these buildings are developed in an environmentally friendly way, that is also useful for the purpose of the building and what goes on inside.  For example, their current project, Saxum Winery in Paso Robles, California.  The Winery avoids using harmful chemicals on the grapes that help produce the wine, but it also hides the area where they ferment the grapes.  The whole structure is set right at the bottom of a hill.  Where they store the barrels and where the ferment the grapes is all located at the back side of the hill. Though this example is not international they have many other examples across the US and over seas.

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