Kansas City Public Library

6. The last building that has had a large impact on my life is the Kansas City Public Library. Before having a desktop computer in our household, the public library is where my older brothers and I spent most of our free time as kids. It was close enough to walk to from home and as long as I was with my brothers I was allowed to tag along. The boys usually only wanted to use the computers there for games, but I would lounge in the kid’s area reading books and doing puzzles. I would sometimes have to beg them to walk there with me for story time event late in the evening. Once I was old enough to walk myself, we had a desktop PC in our home. Regardless I would still make my way to the public library to spend time with friends and sometimes study. Besides all that, you really can not miss the KC public library because the wall facing the outside is structured like a row of books, one of them being the Collected Poems of Langston Hughes whom work I am fond of. It is located close to the well known Country Club shopping plaza and the UMKC campus. Since being a kid, they have added onto the inside of the library, but this library will always be one of the classic things about the inner Kansas City area. I did not realize or appreciate how cool this place is until I got older. 


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