Kansas City Convention Center

Blog 2 – KC Convention Center

The second building I chose for this assignment is the Kansas City Convention Center. I visited this convention center for about a week in June of 2014. I was a part of a three-member team of students who had won a state-level completion and thus went to the national convention to compete. So the circumstances surrounding my experience was an excited atmosphere with over 10,000 people attending a week long convention in the massive complex, competing in 99 different competitions. The building certainly makes you recognize it as a center for events. It has various levels and space for everything that a convention entails. An interesting defining feature that I specifically noticed was that a highway goes through the building, as in the building wraps itself around the roadway that’s on ground level. I had never seen that before, and it gave me an appreciation for the feat that the building is. Overall I found my experience with building very positive, with open walkways, high ceilings, lots of natural light, and just well executed. The building almost adds a sense of importance to anything happening within.

KC Convention Center

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