Iglesia de San Nicolas de Tolentino

5. When visiting Colombia, people tend to only think of the capital Bogota or Medellin before considering the city of Barranquilla, but honestly some treasures can be found on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. The Catholic Church of San Nicolas was one of my favorite things to see during my time Barranquilla. It is located in the historical center part of the city, or basically like a downtown area. There are many shops and vendors all around the streets and around the area of the church. I never was brave enough to actually enter the church because I never knew when was appropriate and did not want to be disrespectful. However the plaza area in front of the church doors was a usually where you would see kids hanging out, dancing, several sleeping homeless people, and stray dogs. I know it was initially built over 300 years ago, but the church is under conservation and restoration by the city of Barranquilla. I think La Iglesia de San Nicolás de Tolentino held a positive impact on me because when I would get lost in the centro area, the church was always a landmark to get back acquainted with my surroundings. I was intrigued by the gothic feel to the details on the outside and the bright orange, blue, and other colors is completely fitting for the city and area. Being on the coast, Barranquilla is definitely a hot, fast paced and overly colorful place. Barranquilla is also has constant construction around the city trying to make it modernized place to live as it grows. For that reason, there are not many places left like the Church of San Nicolas because every new building is starting to look the same. The church is still in operation and actively holds masses and services. I also know this site was declared to be a Cultural Interest of National Character by the country.


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