Head Offices of Nordea- Henning Larsen


Nordea is a finical service provider that operates in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and many other European countries. Their main office is located in Stockholm, Sweden and was designed by Henning Larsen in 1999. These minimalistic buildings are built in an L-shape with one side being primarily glass and the other being steel. While i was researching this building, I found that the Henning Larsen Architect Group is in the process of designing a new headquarters for Nordea. “This new structure Nordea Bank’s new office building in Ørestad North will achieve the highest LEED certification and will house 1,800-2,200 employees. According to plan, it will be ready for inauguration in 2016.”


Sebastian Jordana. (2012). New Office Building for Nordea Bank: Henning Larson Architects. Retrieved from http://www.archdaily.com/230358/new-office-building-for-nordea-bank-henning-larsen-architects.

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