Guthrie Green

guthrie green

Yet, another great Tulsa adventure brought to you by Audie Hamon! I know most of my post have been about Tulsa, but there is just something about my hometown that makes me want to share it with you all.  Here recently, I’ve taken a lot of weekend-get-away trips back home with the beau and most of these trips have been spent in Downtown Tulsa.  One thing that makes Downtown Tulsa very interesting and versatile is Guthrie Green.  Guthrie Green is a fairly new addition to the downtown hustle and bustle.  Though, it is mostly a little park, it has some pretty awesome architecturally designs to the amphitheater.  It’s a metal structure that is in a square design. Which allows onlookers on the street or walkway to partake in the festivities.   The Guthrie Green website defines Guthrie Green as an urban garden mixed with a performance center.  So many neat events go on here.  Such as Guthrie Green food trucks, small concerts, and the art crawl every month.

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