Grand Zayed Mosque

Grand Zayed Mosquegrand zayed

Pictured above, the Grand Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabia, UAE, is a building that has positively influenced me. The top picture is one that I took myself, because I was so awestruck by the large and ornate columns. When approaching the mosque, you are prompted to wear the appropriate attire: abaya and/or a hajib with no skin showing outside of the face and hands. Although I was surrounded by these dressings the entire time I was in the UAE, the combination of wearing them as well as experiencing sacred building such as this one made me feel as if I was more than a guest. This building means so much to so many people, but I was just soaking it all in.

The beauty of this place is matched by no other, Not only is the structure magnificent, but the carpeting and marble within is like nothing I have ever seen.

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