Gaylord Hall

Blog 5 – Gaylord Hall

The fifth building I chose for this assignment is one of the largest and perhaps most beautiful buildings on OU’s main campus, Gaylord Hall. The building was built within the last decade or so to house the expanded and renamed Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication. From the outside it makes excellent use of concrete, brick, glass, and varying depth of facades to achieve its beauty, and it even has a scrolling digital display. The display is used to show headlines and brief summaries of news stories from the university’s student newspaper, the OU Daily. The first time I saw the building was actually my senior year of high school when my dad and I attended an OU home football game vs. Texas Tech, and I didn’t know what the building was nor get to truly appreciate it. However, one evening/night early freshman year my roommate, suitemate, and I decided to explore a few of the buildings on the main campus, and one of the ones we explored was Gaylord Hall. Approaching from the south side of the South Oval, the building projects its prominence as one of the bigger and more beautiful buildings on campus. However, once stepping inside the front door, one is overwhelmed by its openness, the incorporated technology, and a very interesting series of staircases underneath a glass dome lit by color-changing LED’s. The design, size, and technology inside clearly demonstrates the well-funded department held within, and the building serves as an excellent learning center for students. I don’t have many memories within the building, but I have walked by it on the South Oval nearly every day for my entire collegiate career. The building is a constant reminder of how lucky I am to attend such a well-supported and up-to-date university.

Gaylord Hall

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