Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art


If you ever have time to kill, I would recommend visiting our very own art museum on campus.  Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art was founded in 1936 by art professor Oscar Jacobson.  The museum is home to many collections and throughout the year they change up the displays to keep things fresh.  Some of the works you can see at the museum include pieces by Vincent Van Gogh, Edgar Degas, and Mar Cassatt.  These three artists are a part of The Weitzenhofer Collection that focuses on Impressionist art.   As a member of the Chickasaw Nation, The Fleischaker Collection stands out to me.  This collection contains more than 350 different pieces of Native American paintings, sculptures, and ceramics.  This art museum has been the recipient of many awards and continues to impress visitors to this day.  Just like Sarkeys, the Fred Jones museum is the perfect place to spend time between class.  I think it is pretty awesome that our school has an art museum this nice on campus.  I feel like this building gets overlooked and a lot of students are missing out on a lot of great displays.

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