Fox Plaza, Los Angeles, CA


This is the Fox Plaza in Century City, Los Angeles, CA. Many people recognize it for its fictional name Nakatomi Plaza as the setting in 1988 film Die Hard staring Bruce Willis and the late Alan Richman. I recognize this building as being the previous office building for my father when he was an attorney for another company. Since 2003 my dad has left this building and currently works somewhere else, but I can’t help by sharing this building in this blog because of how well this building has played a role in my youth before 2003. This building has had quite an interesting tale for just an average office building. Fact, it also had a penthouse on the 34th floor that served President Ronald Reagan. It also has been in many video games such as GTA. But to me, this was my dad’s old building, the Fox Plaza.

Facts on this building are that I was built in 1985 and completed in 1987. This building stands with 35 floors. The architecture firm responsible for it is Johnson, Fain and Pereira Associates. The building style is considered Postmodern. Alternative name for this building was 20th Century Fox Plaza.



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