Devon Energy Center


Oklahoma City’s Devon tower, pictured above has influenced the Oklahoma City area and myself in a positive way. This building was completed in 2012 after 3 years of construction. It is a 50 story building making it the tallest in Oklahoma City and the 44th tallest building in the United States. Originally, the building was planned to be 54 stories but for various reasons is only 50 stories. Many people also thing the tops floor is vast, it actually is not. The top floor has a large auditorium and is used for storage of various items.
Firstly, I have had the privilege of touring this building while attending the George Nigh Leadership academy. This is the first time I had entered the building for any reason since it had opened. Upon entering I was astonished at the detail and intricate work that had been completed. The marble floors, wood panels, and fossils all around the building were immaculate and had come from different places around the world making them extremely valuable. In addition to these features the layout of the building and how many floors all have a meeting point within part of the tower was designed to highlight the different aspects of building design. The meeting rooms which all had custom features such as disappearing walls to expand the room and microphones at each seat along executive tables were all necessary features when dealing with a building with such magnitude.
Additionally, this building has impacted Oklahoma City in a positive way by attracting the best geologists and engineers to the city. Also, this building sets a new standard for Oklahoma City and has been accompanied by many new additions along the Oklahoma River and throughout the city. This building adds meaning and depth to the “Oklahoma Standard”.

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  1. Profile photo of Tyler Fisher Tyler Fisher says:

    I drive past this building every weekend, and the size and design are amazing. Good choice.

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