The DCW or “Eames Plywood Chair” or “dining chair wood” was designed in 1946 and is still in production today. This chair was produced from Ray and Charles Eames. The design of this chair began as an experiment in the Eameses apartment by molding plywood with what they called the Kazam Machine. This chair quickly grew in popularity has been recognized by TIME magazine as the Best Design of the 20th century. The design allows for the person in the chair to be comfortable because of the rounded back and seat which provides support by positioning the person in a healthy natural way. The chair has the same design as much of the Eamses work does, very modern, sleek, and sophisticated. I very much like this style of chair as well as the style of the other chairs that were designed by the Eameses. My grandmother has a chair that is very similiar to the DCW style, ill have to check and see if it was manufactured by the Eamses production line. DCW

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