Daniel Burnham – Buckingham Fountain

The Clarence F. Buckingham Memorial Fountain is located in Chicago and is one of the largest fountains in the world. The fountain gets its name from the donation from Kate S. Buckingham in honor of her brother, Clarence, and Daniel Burnham was the architect. It has been designated as a Chicago Landmark like many of Burnham’s architecture. The fountain is comprised of pink Georgia marble, granite features, and bronze sculptures. Kate Buckingham helped work on the design of the fountain and tried to figure out which various colors of glass would look best.

The fountain has three pumps, and the largest one pumps 7,000 gallons of water per minute. It also contains 133 jets and has a water capacity of 1.5 million gallons! Buckingham Fountain opened up to the public in 1927. It serves as a prestigious centerpiece for Grant Park in Chicago. The fountain was manually operated completely until the 1970s when it was switched over to a computerized system. It is a beautiful water fountain, and it can look completely different depending on the lights at the time. They can change the color of the lights on the fountain during the nighttime.


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