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Children’s Hospital in Oklahoma City is easily one of the most fun examples of architecture within the state of Oklahoma. From the large, open entrance with a roof resembling slides, to the atrium filled with hundreds of handmade glass butterflies, everything is whimsical and unique. Unlike a typical hospital, the design really relates to the age and interests of its young patients. Bright colors and bold curves can be noticed all throughout the structure.

My first experience with this building was at age sixteen. I had to have surgery, and the fun colors and childish design made me feel a little too old to be there. However, once I got through surgery, the clean lines and bright walls helped me to be less bored and sad about being in the hospital. The cheeriness of the medical staff was echoed in the architecture. Each time I had to venture out to a new region, I was met with fun surprises in the shapes of the rooms and furniture. The fun style and childlike design really eased my anxiousness about being in a hospital, which I believe was the intended design.


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