Chesapeake Energy Arena

Chesapeake Energy Arena Chesapeake Energy Arena

Since I have started living back in Oklahoma, my cousin has got me addicted to Thunder Basketball. Nothing describes how loud, Loud City can get. If you haven’t been able to attend a Thunder game or any NBA game for that matter, I recommend it. An enclosed arena with a bunch of loud fans can really get your adrenaline running. I recently attended game 2 of the playoffs, and even though we lost, it was an absolute blast. It came down to a buzzer beater but Steven Adams wasn’t able to get the shot off in time. I don’t think I have ever been in an arena that got that loud. The energy of the arena is crazy. You can only imagine 18,000 people in an enclosed space, cheering and hollering at the same time. This building gives me goose bumps every time I walk in it. Something about walking in everyday gets me pumped to watch the game.

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