Chapel on the Hill


Though Tulsa is my home city, I actually grew up in Broken Arrow.  For those who don’t know much about the Tulsa area, Broken Arrow is a suburb of Tulsa County.  Something that is very ionic of Broken Arrow is the Chapel on the Hill.  This church was the first and last thing I would always see while going to school or going home.  It’s perched right on a hill, off set from one of the busiest Tulsa/ Broken Arrow streets, 71st.  The church looks like several things: a cornucopia, a covered wagon and what I always thought it looked like, for some odd reason, was a person’s leg.  The picture I posted with this doesn’t give it the best angle of why my childhood self thought it looked like a leg.  Anyways, this church was originally built as a Lutheran Church, but now functions as an event center for weddings and other festivities.

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