Carson, Pirie, Scott and Company building

Carson building

Among the many great works of Louis Sullivan, this is the Carson, Pirie, Scott and Company Building. It is found in Chicago and was built in 1899. It was used for retail purposes until its retirement in 1975. Today, the monumental building still stands as a Chicago Landmark.

The architecture of this building is among the first of its kind that stand based on a steel-framed structure. Louis Sullivan is known for his steel-framed designs from the Wainwright building which began a revolution among skyscrapers and how they should best be built.

This building caught my eye among Sullivan’s work because of the bottom two floors that display a black exterior versus the remaining floors which have a light gray contrast. It very much compliments the Wainwright building by it’s tall, eye-leading beams that run parallel along the outside. Lastly, the corner of this building comes together with a cylinder shape from the bottom to the top. This is definitely my favorite aspect of the . Next time I go to Chicago I will be on the lookout for this historic and attention-grabbing building by Louis Sullivan.

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