Cabin 8

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The third building in my list of influential buildings is Cabin 8, located at the summer camp I attended as a child and worked at for the past two summers. This small cabin bunks 12 girls and two counselors.  They are old, the windows are worn out, and each bunk is covered in the signatures of generations of campers.  It is a smelly, but sweet place to call home for a week or a summer.  The first time I came to camp and was introduced to these cabins was when I was 11 years old.  The matresses were uncomfortable (and still are), the floor was always sandy (and still is), and you still has to shake out our blanket before bed to check for bugs (and still do!).  However, that first summer there was no air conditioning and we were still allowed unsupervised free time.  I spent many sweaty hours in there gossiping and playing brush ball (like baseball but in a cabin with a paddle brush and rolled up socks).  Currently, a new facility is being built at this camp complete with 10 shiny new cabins.  There will be no signatures on the beds, way less bugs, and bathrooms in each one.  This is primarily a blessing as the old cabins are exactly that; old and worn out.  However, it is also quite sad to see them go.

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