Bizzell Memorial Library

great reading room

The Bizzell Memorial Library or as many of us simply call it “the Biz”. It is a special building I think every Sooner proudly holds near and dear to their heart. Personally, I have had many long nights, shots of espresso, power naps, tears, laughs, and memories inside this historic library. I love that it is right in the middle of the main campus, and has evolved throughout the years.

The Biz was constructed in 1929 and┬ádesigned by the architecture firm Layton Hicks & Forsyth. The original parts of the building are Collegiate Gothic style, but today we also see other styles throughout the other additions over the years. It is named after OU’s fifth president William Bennett Bizzell.

Today, it is known as a National Historic Landmark of the US, and ranked highly among America’s most beautiful college campuses. The grand size, map, and detail throughout this historic building is quite incredible. The Great Reading room (pictured above) is the perfect study spot for anyone who needs absolute silence for their studies. Then there is the newest addition called the Collaborative Learning Center in the basement area which is perfect for group studying and grabbing coffee.


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  1. I am such a fan of that grand reading room its so nice and peaceful!!

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